Beneficiary Claims

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BC / bac - Basic Currency
A virtual currency at Bacland.

Beneficiary Claims
A beneficiary claim is a withdrawal request of BC in the domestic fiat currency or others.
Risk disclaimer: There is no obligation to meet the beneficiary claims. However if there are available funds it will be done.

Paying out of Beneficiary Claims
Withdrawal requests just can be processed if there are available funds.

Conditions for withdrawal requests
• Possible earliest after 1 year of the last credit in BC caused by a donation or membership contribution.
• The maximum amount is EUR 10,000 per request, initially there is a lower limit.
• One request at a time is permitted only.

Presently there are no withdrawal requests possible because there is no entity existing yet for holding available funds and processing requests.

BCI - Basic Currency Institute, a project of SESEL*
* Society for the environment and socially equal life